Benjamin Fontaine
Data Scientist / Ml Engineer
41 yo
🏘 Annecy
🚗 Permit B & G
✆ +33(0)679284479
🟇 Annecy - Geneva
Career & Training
Machine Learning Engineer course through 8 professional projects.
Analysis, visualizations, modeling and implementation of algorithms from linear regression to cloud deployed complex neural networks with next generation processors - data science, ia, tensorflow, python, flask, xlnet, nlp, msc, master
Freelance Fullstack Developer : Php, Magento, Drupal 8, functional & unitary testing, projets resuming and versionning, costs mgmt, monitoring, optimisations, refactoring, tailor-made web solutions
Magento IT consultant at Amersports - 9 intense months of tailor-made development for Suunto & Wilson Europe, adyen, sap, functional tests, implementation of new processes. - Php, Git, Bash, Docker, Openshift, Behat, Selenium, Jira, Jenkins, Talend
Head of Electronic Product Development (Cameras, Drones, Phones) - electronics, project mgmt
Lead Magento Developer : recovering company's web project from scratch, webservices cdiscount fnac amazon , data exchanges with sage , monitoring, debuging, scientific advice for product development - php, git, sage, bash, crons
Senior Php Back-End Developer : custom backoffice and frontoffice design of . Resumption of projects for an automobile brand, updates of drupal , magento sites presenting various security vulnerabilities, design of custom CRM makheia group implementing more than 80 entities with many relational constraints under Symfony - mysql, redis, git, bash, jquery, phpunit, jmeter, psr2, merge requests longues ..
Freelance : creation of corporate and real estate websites with cms custom , taking care of customer needs at 360 °: from hosting to management of mailing campaigns, adwords, referencing, management & maintenance of IT assets, training of 26 people. Content creation, A / B testing, king optimizations, responsive design, android applications, speed-dev, cronjobs, bash , incremental backups multi-supports, responsive integrations - php, sql, js, intranets, crm, seo, adwords, msie6
Human resources application with 7500+ users, 14 cities, 18 administrators - php, js , sql, responsive, android
Project manager and developer : site development, webservices, seo and mailing services for brokers, insurers, real estate agents. Cpl management, sales, marketing automation - php, mysql, seo, adwords, cpl
Developer, then associated technical director : creation of thematic web portals oriented SEO on the finance / real estate theme. Custom backoffice creation, data mining, webservices, marketing automation, mailings - php, seo, js, mysql, project mgmt
Developer: project management, relationship & customer sites, specs, dev, changelogs, custom php cms design for generic real estate / bar turners, graphics, integrations. - mysql, drupal, photoshop, flash
Mathematics, statistics, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, quantum physics, networks, signal processing, programming, flash, event photographer, design of visuals, sale of photos
University Bachelor : Network & Services (Multimedia and Internet professions) Multidisciplinary teaching around the web, project management, multimedia, marketing, signal processing, networks .. Birth of first websites
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Passionate web & data developer since 2006,
I'm looking for a new project to express my talents.

🛈 Skills :

notation logarithmiques🛈


• PHP / MySql
• Docker/Servers 
• Reverse Engineering 
• Functionnal Tests 
• Design Patterns 
• Best Practises 
• Algorithmes Ai 
• JavaScript
• Securité Web
• Speed / Perfs 
• Data Mining 
• Html5/Css5/Jquery 
• HTML5 / CSS3 
• SEO/SEM/Ads 
• Android 
• Git 

Frameworks / CMS

• Drupal 
• Magento 
• Wordpress 
• Symfony  
• Silex  


• Scrum/Kanban/Lean
• Devops
• Network/Hardware
• Project management
• Photoshop/Illustrator
• Video editing

Spoken languages

• English (TOEIC:840)
• German(GZ:C1)
• Spanish
• Italian & russian

Soft skills

• Teamwork
• Pragmatic 
• Pedagogue
• Creative
• Lectures


• Photograph/Video
• Paddle/Swim
• Drone piloting
• Scientific watch
• Nordic skiing
• Guitar